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bellydance workout with Neon

Neon's new dance workout for beginners, "Piece of Cake" :) Now available!

sensual goddess

Neon's new dance instruction program, "Sensual Goddess" - beginner bellydance with the emphasis on sensual and evocative movement from the very first steps. 2-DVD set - 4 hours. Available

"Body Language of Bellydance" Series: "Movement Catalog" - dictionary format, open level: Evocative gestures, poses, body angles, expressive accents to add meaning and story-telling to your dance! Available at, and other stores.

Neon belly dance

"Bellydance - First Steps" with Neon - bellydance instruction for total beginners.
Available at, and other stores.

"Hard Candy - The Bellydance Workout"
Step-by-step breakdown of every move and combination | workout 40 min. | practice flow for beginners 50 min.

Neon belly dance

Neon is an acclaimed dance & dance fitness instructor and a star performer based in New York City. Infusing classic bellydance with high-impact modern flair, Neon's dance style is characterized by organic fluidity, precise intricate hipwork, and hypnotic evocative flow.

Neon performs contemporary bellydance in NYC, and works on her line of instructional videos featuring her breakthrough fast-track, accelerated-learning method: Breaking down belly dance movements into trajectories following 3-dimensional shapes, grouping dance moves into clear-cut categories to enable systematic learning and easy recall of dance patterns when improvising.
Neon's DVDs are available in many retail outlets and online, including and other stores.

Neon is the Publisher of "WorldDance New York" video publishing house, conceptualizing and producing videos and DVDs for dance education and entertainment. Her work has set a new standard for the treatment and presentation of belly dance as a sophisticated mainstream dance art, and has contributed significantly to popularizing bellydance among entertainment consumers and students of dance.

Bellydance is a fun, sexy, elegant party dance, an indispensable feature of the coolest dancefloors of the world and a modern lifestyle component merging the worlds of fitness, sensuality and celebration. It is irresistable.

Originating in the folk dances of the Middle East, Turkey, and Central Asia, belly dance has been a popular variety genre in the West since the mid-20th century. With the rise of world music it has arrived in Western nightclubs and on the party scene. The "sexy" or "sensual" image of belly dance comes from its emphasis on the articulation of the hips, pelvic movement, and fluid undulations. Belly dance movement is organic, deriving from the natural, instinctual motion of the human body: this is the source of its tremendous body-shaping potential.




iApps with Neon!
Instant Bellydancer 1 Fluid Moves
Instant Bellydancer 2 Percussive Moves
Bellydance First Steps with Neon
Tarot Fantasy Bellydance
You Can Bellydance with Neon
Dance Today! Bellydance

Neon is featured in photo / graphic novel
Dance of Mind

Below: Neon, Ayshe, Sarah Skinner, Blanca in Dance of Mind


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Neon with Angelys & Jenna Rey as "Anime Assassins" from the Venus Uprising fall show "Bad Girls & Dangerous Games"
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Neon, Elisheva, Sarah Skinner in "Hard Candy"

Neon, Blanca, Sarah Skinner in "Love Potion"